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What is Bitgamo?

Bitgamo is the accountless crypto exchanger. It is the fastest, safest and most private way to exchange Cryptocurrency to USD.

No registration, no documents, no account. Just one click to exchange seamlessly and instantly.

You are always in control of your privacy. It is so simple, like sending a transaction from your wallet.

How do I use Bitgamo?

It’s fast, safe, and as simple as sending a transaction from your wallet. Start your exchange on one screen

Let’s assume you have Bitcoin ( BTC ) and want USD in Bank transfer.

  1. Select BTC and enter the amount you intend to sell.
  2. The calculation will be done in real-time and the amount you have to receive will show below as “you get”.
  3. If your country or your bank is not crypto-friendly for transactions, select the option “My country/bank is not crypto-friendly” and payment will be done through an Offshore account which will not be related to cryptocurrency.
  4. Press “Exchange” then select which payment method you want to receive the money ( in our case Bank ).
  5. Enter the bank details and press “Exchange Now”.
  6. Send the coins to the Bitcoin address listed and the Bank transfer will be proceeded almost instantly.

Is the Bitgamo exchange instant?

Yes, transfer will be made in maximum 20 minutes.

From which country can I exchange?


How does Bitgamo protect my privacy?

Bitgamo is the accountless crypto exchanger. No registration, no document and no account are required. Just one click to exchange seamlessly and instantly.

Unlike other services, Bitgamo doesn’t use any third-party web analytics, customer service software, marketing automation platforms and email marketing services.

Bitgamo promotes decentralisation and believes your data and privacy should never be compromised.

How does Bitgamo can offer this exchange rate?

Bitgamo distribute the Cryptocurrencies through multiple third parties to Middle East and other countries where is hard to obtain/invest in Cryptocurrency.

Do I need to keep the exchange page open?

Once you sent the cryptocurrency to Bitgamo, losing connection, closing the tab, or navigating elsewhere will not impact the exchange.

Why there is a minimum amount for exchange?

In order to avoid spam transactions we decided to no longer accept small amount transactions, we are sorry for any inconvenience that might cause.

What happens if the timer in the exchange box expires?

When you start an exchange you have 5 hours to send the cryptocurrency you want to exchange to the transfer wallet address.

During this time interval, Bitgamo guarantees you a fixed exchange rate. You always receive the amount expected.

When the timer expires, your exchange is canceled. Do to not send your crypto. You can start a new exchange.

If you sent your crypto after the timer expired, your exchange will be refunded ( you will be contacted by our staff for refund ).

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