All you have to do is buy crypto from other platforms and sell to them and you make an average of 5-7 % per transaction, is basically a home business :D.

Dave Flynn

Best exchange for trading Whenever i got crypto to sell, is the first place i go.

Kenji Yoshida

Keep fighting for the industry.

Emmel Fisher

I had some issues with the bank because i forget to select Offshore option, support guided and help me through it entire time, best exchange i used so far.

Ivan Kaloyan

I sold around 40,000 EUR worth of Bitcoin through Bank transfer and i received it in exactly 25 minutes in my account. They did not require any documents and neither needed to make an account.

Manuel Andrews

I did multiple transactions with them, zero issues.

Stephen Powell

From bitcoin to cashapp in few minutes and 2 clicks. Amazing and quick service

John Taylor

everything went quickly + support is active and responds quickly,the transaction arrived immediately and I have nothing to complain about keep it up guys.

Roland Schols

The best customer support Responded to a request ticket in less than 2 minutes.Friendly, detailed and fast! I couldn’t have asked for a better response to resolve a concern with a transaction.

David Miller

Next generation exchange services that require minimal user interaction as expected, in few words fast, accurate, and easy service

Larry Webster

Instant exchange to cashapp ( 2 minutes )

Daniel Garcia

Best Cryptocurrency rates

Jason Greer

Best support, instant exchange, best market price.

Domenic Arnett

Since Bitgamo appeared, i just quit my job and do trading 24/7.

Josh Wood

This exchange is simple and fast.Best support team ever.I will recommend it to my friends.

Isabella Garcia Martinez

The banks in my country are not so crypto friendly, i had multiple issues with them, i almost quit using crypto because of that, after i found Bitgamo things changed. I spoke with them via email and i explained my situation to them, regarding the banks holding transactions or refund them and they told me we have Offshore accounts in order to by-pass that, after i gave a try… i am back in crypto trading.


I did an exchange BTC-Revolut right after Bitcoin was sent i swapped to Revolut app to check and the money was there INSTANTLY.

Lewis Johnson

I don’t think there is any other exchange in the world doing what Bitgamo does. I did a big transaction and in order to not paying taxes in my country, i contacted them to add in notes Refund and they told me that i can do it directly from the Exchange form. That’s really insane what they do, sooner or later they gonna get monopoly.

Ammy Mathus

+REP for the support, i had a delay issue but we figured out it happen because of blockchain, transaction comfirmation was delayed and support was with me all time, ofcourse in the end everything went smooth overall compared to other exchanges this one is actually good

Harry Hall

I am a Crypto Miner and i sell all my crypto through Bitgamo, never had any problems with them.

Alex Ross

Most straightforward BTC to bank fiat site that I’ve come across. It was easy no verification no headache

Herman Lopez

I recommend this exchange especially if you care about your privacy.

Andrew Brown

I love bitgamo cryptoexchange because i can swap my coins to fiat really fast beside that you can earn some money with the refferal program

Garcia Martin Rubio Pérez

If you want to avoid taxes Bitgamo is the real deal.

Oliver Smith

I used to do local individual tradings for a commission of 5 %, after i found Bitgamo it completely changed my life, instead doing 3-4 transactions a month, i end up doing 10 transactions a DAY and win around 7-8% per transaction.

Yusuf Ozdemir

Real privacy and best price in the market.

Ferdinand Bogdani

Everything went as it should, i got money on Revolut after 3 confirmation on blockchain, i love the fact that i don’t have to wait for money in case of KYC require like other exchanges, on this one they don’t ask for that.

Omer Ordur

For my country is the only exchange i can use at the moment and never encountered any problems.

Kwan Chung

My country and banks does not allow crypto transactions and i was a bit skeptical for the first time, but surprisingly never had problems with the transactions from them.

Fahad Ali

Fast Full privacy best price BTC-USD

Gabriel Meier

Bitgamo is the best exchange ever !!!!!

David Johnson

Best exchange for trading as a business.

Lewis Garner

I’m very satisfied with Bitgamo, i did a lot of transactions and never had an issue with them.


Since Bitgamo launched, i just buy bitcoin from bitstamp and sell it to them, i make around 5-6 % per transaction, no longer need to waste time with risky trading.

Toshia Baughman

I have used many exchange services and I have always encountered problems due to KYC, I am on the 9th transaction with gamo and I have not had any problems.peace

Olivia Clark

At the beggining i was a bit worried, i did an exchange of almost 20 BTC via Bank transfer, money arrived in few hours in my Bank account.
Best support ever, best rate possible in the market and very easy to use platform.

Tim R

The only thing i can say about them is : PERFECT CHOICE

Charlie P

I’ve come to bitgamo from another exchange(i won’t even mention the name), every 5k-10k CAD i had to send more and more documents ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. If you have crypto and you need fiat go for it and use bitgamo. it was a pleasure to use this exchange

Linda William

My country is not so crypto friendly, neither the banks, i had problems with transfers from Kraken and many other exchange platforms, but with the off-shore option from Bitgamo…. i did not encounter any problem until now.

Thurman Wimberly